What do my clients say?

If you want to, I will let you ask them...to keep it quick and simple, however...check out what they say below...

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Who are my typical clients

I have worked with hundreds of clients and each of my clients has had unique needs and unique superpowers.  Some of my clients hold senior leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies. Some are innovative entrepreneurs. Some work in academia, and some in government. My clients originate from many countries, and industries and have various cultural backgrounds. Most have experience working internationally and are bilingual or multilingual. Many, but not all, have spouses and children.

What do they all have in common?

A desire to change, learn, explore, and tap into their true passions and potential. 

Check out these testimonials from senior leaders in global companies. You will find these and more on my LinkedIn profile.

Ola S., Chief Marketing Officer at Blackbullion  - Personal transformation

Kelly took me on a journey of professional and personal transformation. Each session was filled with fascinating insights, increased clarity, and a better understanding of my patterns. 

Kelly’s impressive knowledge of different coaching theories and a vast array of tools and techniques made each session absolutely outstanding. I would recommend Kelly to anyone in a leadership position looking to fine tune their skills and mindset.

Marina H., HR Director at Unilever DACH - Personal and professional growth 

Kelly is an excellent coach with extensive experience. She adeptly assists individuals in asking the right questions, challenging themselves, and fostering personal and professional growth. Her approach is consistently laced with humor, along with a wide range of effective methods and assessments that promote reflection and improvement. I would highly recommend her as a coach for both professional and personal matters.

Tara B., Program Director at Harvard University - Promoted

In the time we've been working together, Kelly has helped me see my professional development path and career goals in a whole new light. She asks probing questions while still allowing me to set the course; presents feedback and observations in a very respectful, constructive manner; and is very accommodating. I tend to get "in the weeds" and her guidance on stepping back to see the big picture has been paradigm-shifting. She is very skilled, and also kind. 

Tom B., Business Unit Lead at Mercer - Built a personal brand setting himself up for promotion

As a junior executive within a global Fortune 500, I was 1 of 12 leaders afforded the opportunity to attend a week-long "CXO" training session in our London office. ..

On the last day of training, the twelve of us were informed that we were going to be aligned to an executive coach for the next 6 months - I was lucky enough to select Kelly Algier as my coach. Kelly was truly a breath of fresh air and an amazing person to connect with week to week!...

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Ola E., HR Director West Africa at Unilever  - Enhanced his leadership journey

Kelly is an experienced executive coach who I have been fortunate to have helped me reassess my leadership journey. Her approach spurs my internal reflections to shape my worldview and reposition how I prioritize and rely more on my inner strength to inspire self and others for results.

She is a deep listener, encourager and fantastic professional who helps you simplify complexities.

Omar G., Senior VP at Marsh Specialty  - Tapped into his strategic thinking 

Kelly is an excellent very hands-on coach. She provides great insights into how to improve and modify certain behaviors and how to look at things from different angles to get that whole picture that C-suite executives need. Kelly constantly challenges you to achieve better results and helps you look forward. She can help you improve your strategic thinking, as well as communication skills to name but a few. Kelly is also a great motivator who reminds you of all your accomplishments and shows you how much more you have yet to achieve. I fully recommend Kelly as a very professional coach. 

Gillian C., VP Strategy North America at Puma - Defined a new personal and professional direction

 I worked with Kelly during a period of transition in my matrixed organization and she truly opened my eyes to various ways to approach leadership, balance, decision making, career advancement and personal development. 

Kelly asks provocative, thought-provoking questions and carefully tailored her coaching style to illicit my engagement and get to the root of what motivates me, providing me with strategies to support challenging decision making regarding my personal and professional trajectory that I will continue to utilize into the future. Her expertise is quite broad, and I found I could connect with Kelly on various topics- from management style, to work/life balance, to long-term career planning- and receive clear and customized support. This has been especially helpful for me as someone who works within a global organization, as her international experience in the corporate sector also allows her to help her clients navigate cross-cultural topics and challenges. 

I highly recommend Kelly as someone with integrity, expertise and a gift for helping leaders find their most genuine and effective path for professional and personal growth

Jose A., Head of Häagen Dazs at General Mills - Made a large personal and professional pivot

I enthusiastically recommend Kelly as an exceptional leadership coach. Her expertise and passion for development made a significant impact on my professional growth. Kelly’s personalised approach, insightful feedback, and ability to inspire self-reflection helped me gain a deeper understanding of my leadership style which had a profound impact on me. Kelly’s unwavering support and motivation during challenging times was invaluable. I have become a more confident and effective leader thanks to her guidance. I wholeheartedly endorse Kelly for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills and achieve personal and professional growth!