What do my clients say?

If you want to, I will let you ask them...to keep it quick and simple however...check out what they say below...

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Who are my typical clients

Each of my clients has had a unique career path. Some of my clients hold senior leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies. Some are just starting in their career and have a few years of experience as individual contributors. Some work in academia, and some in government. Some are working for a start-up, and some are solopreneurs. My clients work in many different industries and have various cultural backgrounds. Most have experience working internationally. Many, but not all, have spouses and/or children. What do they all have in common? A desire to change, learn, explore, and tap into their true passions and potential. 

Allison Q., Corporate Executive/Aerospace  - Successfully launched global a passion project 

Without a good coach, we can venture forth, blindfolded by our thoughts which can keep us circling in place. But with a coach like Kelly, she will listen patiently and then ask the key question that lifts the fog from your eyes and enables you to see your next steps clearly. Thanks, Kelly helping me to move forward on my passion project!

Tara B., Program Director/Ivy League University - Happily enjoys a new, more fulfilling job

In the time we've been working together, Kelly has helped me see my professional development path and career goals in a whole new light. She asks probing questions while still allowing me to set the course; presents feedback and observations in a very respectful, constructive manner; and is very accommodating. I tend to get "in the weeds" and her guidance on stepping back to see the big picture has been paradigm-shifting. She is very skilled, and also kind. 

Thomas B., Investment Banker - Built a better personal brand setting himself up for promotion

Kelly helped me understand the importance of executive presence and presentation skills. I had to work hard on changing some of my behaviors, like improving my listening skills. After 3 months, even my colleagues noticed the improvements I was making.

Val S., Solopreneur/Learning and Development - Courageously launched a new business line

Kelly is a professionally trained coach with professional coaching skills. Her business acumen and insights, combined with her great intuition provided me with different perspectives and helped me gain clarity on developing my business

Andre B., Senior HR Director - Promoted to VP at a new company

She helped me see what was really going on at work. Together we defined action steps that I am committed to and know I can achieve.

Carrie M., VP of Marketing - Addressed her "workaholic" lifestyle and feels happier and healthier

Coaching with Kelly has given me the positive energy I needed to become unstuck and move forward in many areas of my life, not just my job. The assessments she introduced helped me see that work was consuming my life. I am enjoying this momentum and will continue my journey with her.

Kathy S., Medical Doctor - Increased her self-care to enjoy her profession and family more

I think everyone needs a personal coach at one point in their lives. I needed to recalibrate my busy working life to balance my ambitions with my "duty" of raising three children. Coaching helped me see that I needed to take care of myself first.