About Me

My qualifications

In addition to having certification as a Leadership Coach, I have a Master's degree in Organizational Psychology from Harvard. Organizational psychologists apply the principles of individual psychology within the context of a company. Think briefly about the complexity of leadership and teamwork in today's VUCA(H), global, fast-paced world. I deeply understand that world and apply a systems approach to my coaching to understand the environment that you are in.

My passion career

While coaching is my passion career, like you, I have "been in the trenches". In the last twenty years, I have held leadership positions in two Fortune 500 companies: a top management consulting firm and a tech start-up. I am proud to be a Canadian mom living abroad (Munich, Germany).

Understanding life's transitions

I, too, have had to navigate many of life's transitions: starting a career, navigating the corporate world and foreign governments, building professional and personal networks, having and raising children, integrating into foreign cultures, assisting aging parents, and stewarding through mid-life with my husband, three teenagers, and dog. 

Proud to be certified by the International Coaching Federation